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2019 in Review

Happy New Year

Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash

This year something happened that has not happened in a long time: no posts at all during for two months (June and July) :( Most months I also managed to post only once, so because of this I wrote only 19 posts in 2019, 3 fewer than in 2018. Life has been quite busy, the con­struc­tion of the house eating up a lot of my time in the second half of the year.

The number of sessions finally stopped dropping: it was 10775 and 10762 the previous year. The number of users went up by 10%, to 8725. Pageviews continued dropping, continue.

Cracking the human memory


Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

I’ve never had a par­tic­u­lar­ly good memory, despite what others might claim. While many times others are astonished that I remember something, often I am just able to find a pattern or a logical reasoning behind something and then I can deduce it when needed. Myself, I am astonished by the memorizing ca­pa­bil­i­ties of my smart wife, who finished pharmacy school a couple of months ago. Comparing her exams, where she had to memorize long chemical reactions, to my exams, where most of the time I had to memorize a couple basic things and then the rest could be derived, it’s clear continue.

The Rise of Skywalker

Rise of Skywalker poster

The grand finale for the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies is here. Or not so grand, because I went to see it in Oradea on the second day after it was released, and the cinema had at least a third of the seats empty.

I didn’t enjoy TLJ [LINK] and I didn’t enjoy this one either, but for different reasons. The first one is the iconic scroller and the next five minutes: in the scroller we are told Pal­patine’s back (sorry, but this was known before the movie came out) and then Kylo Ren goes to meet him. Palpatine gives Kylo a mission in exchange for a continue.

Boardgames Party: Tokaido

Tokaido box

I've bought Tokaido about two years ago. I've opened it about a year ago, but I was quickly overruled by the others, who probably wanted to play a game they knew (coughDixitcough). But today, we did a spon­ta­neous board game night in our house and I took out Tokaido and we finally played.

Tokaido is a beautiful game set in Japan, where each player is a traveler along the eastern sea route connecting Kyoto to Tokyo. Each player can stop at different places along the way, such as farms (where you receive money), temples (where you give money), inns (where you have delicious meals), scenic views (where continue.

Git tutorial - part 3

I wrote my last Git tutorial 6 years ago, but I guess it took me quite some time to learn some new Git tricks.

At work we have a mi­croser­vices ar­chi­tec­ture, with each service in a different repo. I work with around 6 of them on a regular basis and sometimes I have to make changes that touch more than one repo, such as changing the interface of one service and then changing all the other services that make calls to it.

We use the Azure Release flow for developing code, which means feature de­vel­op­ment happens on branches and we send pull requests (PR) to merge our code. Because continue.

The iron path

On a bridge

After a half year break, the little band of hikers from our church decided to do some via ferrata routes, in the Vadu Crișului and Șuncuiuș area.

I’ve wanted to go on Via Ferrata hikes for a long time. I first heard of them when I moved to Switzer­land, but somehow I never got around to going on them until now.

We rented the equipment from Ovi in Vad and we went on our way. We started with the medium difficulty route from Vad. It took us about 40 minutes. For me, being a beginner, the first part was a bit continue.

John Lennox in Cluj

John Lennox speaking in Cluj

This week, Edictum Dei invited another one of my favorite Christian authors, John Lennox to give a pre­sen­ta­tion in Cluj. Unlike last year, for the N.T. Wright conference, I found out about it soon after it was announced and I im­me­di­ate­ly reserved a ticket.

John Lennox is an Emeritus Professor of Math­e­mat­ics at Oxford, a philoso­pher of science and a Christian apologist, having written many books about the existence of God, the re­la­tion­ship between faith and science, and also having debated many famous atheists such as Christo­pher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins.

The pre­sen­ta­tion was related to Professor Lennox’s latest book “Can Science Explain Everything?”. He goes into the kinds continue.

Better than Us

Better than Us poster

Добрый день. Меня зовут Роланд!

It just happens that in the last month I’ve discovered two mas­ter­pieces of Russian art: one is the Red Army Choir, the other one is Better than Us, a TV show about a family living in 2029, which somehow becomes the owner of a very advanced robot.

Robots are common in this world, but they are quite dumb and can’t go beyond their pro­gram­ming. As someone who works with machine learning, I find it quite puzzling that the robots have excellent natural language un­der­stand­ing skills and are able to follow human commands (both of which are very difficult to do today, just try to talk continue.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra poster

Another space movie came out, so of course I went to the cinema to see it, just like I did with Gravity and In­ter­stel­lar. It was a very spon­ta­neous decision, seeing an article about it at 7 PM, watching a trailer at 7:10 and at 8 PM being at the cinema with my friend Calin.

The movie's main character is Major Roy McBride, who is part of the U.S. Space Command (SpaceCom). He is a very calm person, his pulse never going over 87. No matter what’s the situation, whether it’s being in freefall after an explosion in the upper atmosphere, or being shot at by pirates on continue.

Digging myself a hole

As I mentioned in my previous post, con­struc­tion has started on my house two months ago. Things are going pretty well, despite being behind the first estimated schedule. But that is something that everyone told me to expect, that initial estimates are wrong. That is possibly the only thing pro­gram­ming and con­struc­tion work has in common.

But my con­struc­tion team is only doing the actual con­struc­tion part, meaning foun­da­tions, walls and roof. A modern day house has a lot more components, part of which is the water drainage system for the foun­da­tions.

This system is supposed to be a weeping tile that goes around my basement, ac­cu­mu­lat­ing all the continue.