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Evaluating 2018 goals

Another half a year has passed from my latest goals and this is what seems like one of my worst per­for­mances so far. Turns out tran­si­tion­ing to a full time remote job is quite hard and time consuming. Also, not having a gym right at work makes it much harder to go to one :/

Weight watching
Ahahaha. :( I am "glad" to report that I am the same weight as I was when I posted this. Score: 0. At least I didn't gain weight (though I definitely got fatter :( )
Exercise three times a week
I averaged about 1.5 times a week. Score 0.5.
Juggle for 5 minutes every day
I did 5 minutes almost every day. I am very com­fort­able with 3 balls. But with 4 balls I can do at most 10 seconds. Score: 0.7
Read 20 books this year
I am at 10 books by now, which is a bit behind. Also, I couldn't finish 2 of those books, which is quite rare for me, because I'm usually very picky about the books that I start. Score: 0.65
Write three blog posts per month
I did about 1.5 per month. Score: 0.5
Study German
That went out the window fast. Turns out not having a good use case for this in the nearby future meant that I lost motivation after 1 month. Score: 0.2
Two open source con­tri­bu­tions per month
I did one. In total. And I spent more time setting up my en­vi­ron­ment to be able to contribute than actually fixing a bug. Score: 0.1
Read 3 chapters a day from the Bible
Mostly did it. Score: 0.9
Memorize 1 Bible verse every week
So, I found a group to try to memorize verses together. But I still mostly failed. Score: 0.2

Average score: 0.41. That's a big drop from last year. :( I will take a break from most of my goals for a while and come back once things are a bit more settled.