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hemorrhage from the nose, usually due to rupture of small vessels overlying the anterior part of the car­ti­lagi­nous nasal septum. Minor bleeding may be caused by a blow on the nose, irritation from foreign bodies, or vigorous nose-blowing during a cold

The Free Dictionary

Since I was a little kid I would sometime have nose bleeds, especially when I had a cold and would blow my nose a lot. I recently actually started tracking this, and it seems to happen every 2-3 months, but until now, the bleeding stopped in half an hour or one hour at most.

But on Saturday, it didn't. It started around 7 AM. It stopped 2-3 times, but it resumed at the smallest effort (like getting up). I tried pinching my nose, laying down, standing up and tilting my head forward and other things I found on the internet, but the bleeding continued.

After about four hours, I decided to go to the ER. I was a bit scared, knowing that probably they would do a nasal cau­ter­i­za­tion to close off all the cap­il­lar­ies that keep breaking. I was also scared because it was my first visit to the ER and my first more "serious" thing that needed treatment at a hospital. And, because of my awesome bubble that I live in on Facebook, I was also a bit scared about nosocomial infections1, which have made several headlines lately in Romania. Even the day before I heard from some friends about how long they had to wait at the ER and how rude the doctors were.

But I have to say, I was mostly pleasantly surprised. The nurses and the doctors at the ER were very nice, calm and friendly. The wait times were quite short. After I got my blood pressure measured, I was sent upstairs to the ENT section. After a short wait here, the doctor passed by me on the hall, barely looking at me, and told the nurse to prep me for cau­ter­i­za­tion. Here things weren't quite as nice, the doctor seemed par­tic­u­lar­ly bored of doing this, but the actual cau­ter­i­za­tion didn't take more than half a minute and it wasn't that painful! Well, I had my nose stuffed with anes­thet­ics just a minute before, but still. Then the doc stuffed my nose with nasal packing, told me to come back in 5 days to take it out and sent me on my way.

So, I got over my first "in­ter­ven­tion" at a hospital and hopefully I fixed the nose bleeding problem for a while! Go Spitalul JudeČ›ean Oradea!

  1. hospital acquired infections