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Drei Jahre in der Schweiz

Collage of my third year in Switzerland

Three years ago today I started my job at Google. I had moved to Switzer­land two days before, with two suitcases and a backpack. Then followed a lot of adventure.

The third year was different. I started learning Swiss German, so that I can better integrate and it payed off: I am no longer completely clueless as to what Swiss people speak around, I am only mostly clueless.

I also got married to the most beautiful, loving and kind girl in the world, Roda, who happens to be an amazing cook as well!

I also just did my 100th flight two days ago. I have flown more continue.

Two years at Google

Collage of last two years

A bit more than two years ago I was anxiously heading towards the reception of the Google Zurich office. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was very excited. One year ago, I was oncall, dying of heat in my home. Today, I am on my last oncall shift as an SRE, rejoicing that it’s not too hot and that I finally have some quiet time to clean out my bookmarks and my inbox.

The last one year was very different from the previous one. The list of new ex­pe­ri­ences continued, but not all of them were positive. There was the weird re­al­iza­tion that I continue.

After a year in Zürich

rolisz around the world

One year ago today I was dis­cov­er­ing, to my shock and horror, that my laptop's charger doesn't fit in the Swiss socket. My phone charger did, but the laptop plugs pins were 0.25 mm thicker, so they did not.

Several hours earlier I boarded the plane from Budapest to Zürich, feeling like I'm going on an adventure. I did not know what was waiting for me, I didn't even know what team I would be working with, but I was very excited and looking forward to whatever was coming.

Looking back now, after a year, wow, it's been quite the adventure, so much more than I could continue.

Happy birthday, dear blog!

A trecut un an de când am blog... wow. Blogul a trecut prin câteva schimbări, destul de majore: schimbare de server, schimbare de interfață, o schimbare în temele pe care le abordez și o schimbare în modul în care scriu (sper că înspre bine. O să văd la Bac :D ).

Câteva statistici de când m-am mutat pe serverul nou:

  • 34 de posturi (fără acesta)
  • În medie am postat 7 posturi pe lună
  • 180 de com­men­tarii
  • 36 commenturi pe lună - mai puțin decât media lunară, având în vedere tot anul - 40
  • 5,3 commenturi pe post - mai mult decât media pe post, având în continue.