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Nutribullet base

Nu­tribul­let base

For Christmas, a colleague of mine bought himself a juicer and a blender and he was super happy about them. So, for my birthday, my right hand surprised me by ordering me the blender my colleague had: the Nu­tribul­let 600.

And boy, was it a nice surprise. It's super convenient and super easy to clean. My parents have a juicer at home, but it usually takes more time to clean it than to drink the fruit juice. This blender has only two parts that have to be cleaned and, if done quickly enough, it's enough to basically just rinse them for 30 seconds under tap continue.

The Museum

Almost two years after I went to The Dungeon, I went with Eliza and Ruxi to The Museum, another room escape game in Cluj.

The Museum has two different puzzles and for some reason we chose to go to the second one, which is more difficult. Because one person bailed on us at the last moment, the host was a bit worried that we won't be able to finish it, because usually teams of 4-10 people solve it. But we did it in 71 minutes \:D/

The concept is the same, you are locked in a room and you have to solve various puzzles to find the continue.

Bose Bluetooth Headphones

Bose Bluetooth Headphones

Last year I bought myself a pair of Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones. After 6 months of usage, I feel like it's time that I finally review them, having used them enough :))

Let me first say my track record with all of my previous wired earphones: none of them lasted more then 8-9 months. On all of them the cable would give up somewhere towards the plug, even though one had some fancy shmancy Kevlar reinforced cable. Nope, still managed to break the wires inside it, even though I tried to take care of it and not just dump it into my pocket, but folding them neatly. Nope, they continue.

Going to vote

The first round of pres­i­den­tial elections was on Sunday and, because my parents were here, visiting me, we decided to rent a car through Mobility (which is a quite nice service) and go voting. Because the Romanian government decided for various reasons (such as the fact that people abroad are less likely to vote for the current prime minister) to make only a few voting stations, we had to go to Bern.

I asked some friends for advice on the way and they rec­om­mend­ed the scenic route through Interlaken. And boy, is it scenic. Because I was driving, I couldn't fully admire it, but my dad exclaimed quite continue.



După mult timp, am ajuns să văd și eu Gravity. Deși am văzut trailerul cu secvența de la început când îi lovește prima oară norul de rămășițe, la cinema tot a fost superb și mi s-a ridicat părul de pe mână.

Filmul este unul extrem de realist (tot are bube, dar față de Thor sau Fast and Furious îi documentar) despre o misiune de adăugare/reparare a tele­scop­u­lui Hubble, care eșuează destul de urât și doi astronauți se cam pierd în spațiu și naveta lor spațială este distrusă.

Cu ocazia acestui film am aflat câteva chestii despre ce se află în spațiu, despre stația spațială chinezească,Tiangong, naveta spațială chinezească, Shenzou, și continue.

The Social Network

Putini oameni ajung sa aiba un film facut despre ei la varsta de 26 de ani. Then again, putini oameni fac un website care sa fie mai vizitatdecat pagina principala Google. Si putini oameni ajung sa fie mul­ti­m­il­iar­dari la aceasi varsta. Si putini oameni ajung sa fie numiti "Person of the Year" de  Times Magazine. (si putine persoane au un patent despre Waste disposal during pit mining. whaaa'?)

Filmul, in regia lui David Fincher si scris de catre Aaron Sorkin, rupe. In general nu ma uit la drame, nu ma uit la drame de mai multe ori, dar la acesta m-as uita oricand inca o data. Sau inca de 2-3 ori :D. Are un tempo intens, tot continue.


Rubicon e un serial nou, aparut in vara, despre o con­spir­atie. And that's about it. I don't know any more. Dupa 10 episoade inca nu stiu mai multe despre ce se intampla in serial.

In serial este vorba despre angajatii unui think-tank numit American Policy Institue (API). Aceasta institutie se ocupa cu pre­lu­crat­ul in­for­mati­ilor brute, in special cele legate de teroristi, si furnizeaza informatii folosibile, cum ar fi locatia unui terorist, ce urmeaza sa faca, etc.

Echipa de la API

In primul episod ne este prezentata una din echipele care lucreaza acolo. Unul din membrii ei, Will Travers, descopera in mai multe ziare in­ter­na­tionale ca au aceleasi raspunsuri la rebusurile din ziua continue.