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Boardgames Party: Tokaido

Tokaido box

I've bought Tokaido about two years ago. I've opened it about a year ago, but I was quickly overruled by the others, who probably wanted to play a game they knew (coughDixitcough). But today, we did a spon­ta­neous board game night in our house and I took out Tokaido and we finally played.

Tokaido is a beautiful game set in Japan, where each player is a traveler along the eastern sea route connecting Kyoto to Tokyo. Each player can stop at different places along the way, such as farms (where you receive money), temples (where you give money), inns (where you have delicious meals), scenic views (where continue.

Boardgames Party: Splendor

Splendor game cover

One of the games that we recently played a lot is Splendor (Amazon link), a game with some really neat tokens, rep­re­sent­ing precious stones, and where the rich get richer (almost like in real life xD).


The objective of the game is to get 15 prestige points. You get prestige points from some cards and from visits from nobles. You buy cards with precious stones. But cards also represent mines, traders or jewelers, which give you more precious stones. So the more cards you have, the easier it is to buy other cards.

There are some con­straints on how many precious stones you can have and continue.

Boardgames Party: Sushi Go

Sushi Go box

This year I caught the bug of boardgames. I bought a lot of them, I tried a lot of them and I played some a loooot of times. My lovely wife also enjoys this hobby very much, so we often have friends over to play various boardgames. Almost all of our friends enjoy playing boardgames, I even managed to convince my parents to play once, but my dad confessed that he just... doesn't see the point in playing any kinds of games.

I want to start reviewing some of the boardgames in my collection. Today I will start with Sushi Go (Amazon link), a very simple and quick continue.