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Man (and car) versus nature 2

View from the hike

Almost a year later, I went again on a winter hike, with the same group of friends, to the "Biserica Moțului" Peak, close to Padiș. This time I was one of the drivers, so I went with our little Skoda, with 3 other guys.

Because this hike was shorter, we decided it's enough if we leave one hour later than last time. It was a very good decision, which would have been better if we had left one more hour later.

The evening before we left, it started snowing. We decided that we will still go, no matter what. The road until Boga, 15 kilometers away continue.

Man versus nature

Me hiking

Some friends in Oradea are big hikers. They had plans to go to Curcubăta Mare, the highest peak on a 500 km radius, being at 1849m, but they were always foiled by weather. Finally they decided to go last Saturday, because the tem­per­a­ture had risen slightly and the forecast wasn't too cloudy. They invited me to go along, so I joined the group of 5 people.

We went by car to Vârtop, which is a ski resort. On the way there we saw some beautiful winter landscapes. I didn't know that Romania could be so amazing in winter. You definitely don't need to go 1200 kilometers continue.

50 Apps

Am găsit pe Internet o provocare in­tere­san­tă: să faci 50 de aplicații, mai mult sau mai puțin complexe, în 50 de săptămâni, folosind limbaje și frame­workuri diferite. 50 Apps in 50 weeks este denumirea oficială și aici se propun și temele pentru apli­cați­ile fiecărei săptămâni.

Mi se pare o activitate ed­u­cațion­ală superbă, pentru că într-un an îți bagi lăbuțele în C, C++, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, F#, Closure, Scala, Ruby, Python, PHP, Erlang, Lisp, PL SQL, Pascal, Ada, Assembly, Go, JRuby, HTML 5, Flash, Visual Basic, C#, OpenGL și abordezi multe domenii diferiteȘ Games, Social Networking, Graphics (3D 2D), Algorithm and Data structures, Business, Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Education, Embedded (Robotics), Dev tools, AI, Multimedia, continue.