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Let's go to Africa

Arriving in Mauritius

Because of work, I couldn't take a long, proper vacation right after our wedding, so we decided that after some deadlines at the beginning of September, we would do a nice, two week honeymoon. Given that I love flying and I need the frequent flier miles, while my wife was not so thrilled about the idea of spending more than 10 hours in a tin coffin whizzing around the air at 900km/h, we had to find a middle ground. After lots of searching on Pinterest for honeymoon locations, we decided to go to Mauritius. It's fairly far, it got me the miles I needed to keep my continue.

I believe I can fly!

About a month ago I started believing I can fly, so I proved it by going for a gliding session. A glider is a light­weight plane, which doesn't have an engine, so it's pulled by another plane until it takes off. After that, you glide through the air, like an eagle, looking for thermals which lift you up. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, it was a too nice day, with no clouds, so we didn't find any good thermals, so my flight was quite short. But it was still nice to see Uetliberg from above :D And I piloted the plane for about 5 minutes :D

Two weeks ago I had continue.

The Museum

Almost two years after I went to The Dungeon, I went with Eliza and Ruxi to The Museum, another room escape game in Cluj.

The Museum has two different puzzles and for some reason we chose to go to the second one, which is more difficult. Because one person bailed on us at the last moment, the host was a bit worried that we won't be able to finish it, because usually teams of 4-10 people solve it. But we did it in 71 minutes \:D/

The concept is the same, you are locked in a room and you have to solve various puzzles to find the continue.

Strike the iron while it's hot

Last Friday, I went with my team to an offsite to forge knives, in Walchwil. Daniel was an excellent teacher, I would strongly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to do something out of the ordinary.

I'll let the video speak how awesome it was.

P.S. Thank you Marco and Sofia for filming me while I was working :)

Global Day of Code Retreat 2014

I have already been to three Code Retreats in Cluj and I have always enjoyed them. Now I had the chance to go to one in Zurich.

This one was just as much fun as the previous ones, maybe even a bit more. One of the biggest dif­fer­ences from the other ones was that it was more mul­ti­cul­tur­al. While German speaking people were the majority, there were plenty of people from other countries: Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Britain. It's always fun to meet new like-minded people from all over the world. There was even a guy who had worked at the LHC in Geneva.

I didn't see continue.


Yesterday, in Richter­swill, there was a turnip festival (or something like that), called Räbechilbi. At the festival there was a parade going around the village center with various figurines lighted up with carved up turnips lanterns. It was pretty cool.

One thing that I found in­ter­est­ing was that here kids were allowed to "play" with fire and carry around the turnip lanterns with lit candles inside them. In Romania, as soon as a kid would get anywhere close to fire, his or her parents would jump up saying "Go away from fire".

Also, there were a lot of lanterns laid out next to the road (probably several thousands). In continue.


Two weeks ago was the Kn­aben­schiessen, a Zurich holiday that lasts for three days and when you get half a day off from work. The main attraction is a shooting com­pe­ti­tion for teenagers (I'm so old :( ), but there is also a big fair, which was very similar to the one that is in Marghita during City Days. Except it is bigger, it has more rides (and taller ones too ;;) ) and it is far cleaner.

That was very different than what I was used to. There were the same hotdog, hamburger and other junk food stands as in Romania, but you couldn't see any pieces continue.

The Dungeon

Scrambled bits at The Dungeon

Ca să săr­bă­toresc sfârșitul facultății, am mers cu Cătă și cu sora lui la The Dungeon, primul joc de room escape din Cluj. Au mai fost ceva colegi la ediția anterioară a jocului și mi-au zis că îi super. Confirm. Îi awesome.

Ideea din spatele jocului este că ești închis într-o cameră, la subsolul unei case, și ai 60 de minute ca să găsești cheia spre libertate. Ca să poți ieși, trebuie să rezolvi tot felul de puzzleuri și să cauți indicii pentru ele (sau să le brute force-uiești). Puzzle-urile sunt variate, iar unele indicii necestită thinking outside the box (sau inside the box, după caz ;;)).

Echipa Scrambled Bits continue.


Toată lumea știe jocul 2048, pentru că toată lumea a pierdut o parte sem­ni­fica­tivă din timpul de la servici cu acest joc.

La câteva zile după lansare, au apărut tot felul de clone și variațiuni. Acum a apărut cea mai tare variație: 2048 UBB CS style. În loc de numere, sunt poze cu profi de la Info UBB \:D/

2048 UBB

Go forth and waste time :D

UBBots 2014

În 2 Martie de la ora 12:00 va fi „con­cur­sul” UBBots la FSEGA, unde va fi prezentat publicului pentru prima oară Walter the Waiter :D He is almost ready :>:>

Sper să veniți cât mai mulți să îl vedeți!

P.S. Dacă știți vreo firmă care ar fi interesată de a sponsoriza acest eveniment, drop a note :D