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Vintage movie made au­to­mat­i­cal­ly by Google+ from my photos and videos

Every year in Zurich there is a holiday called Sech­seläuten, that celebrates the end of winter and the coming of summer. It is held on the Monday that follows Easter, so this year it was on the 13th of April (last year it was on the ~30th of April, the day before my on-site interiews :D). In the city of Zurich it is an official holiday, but it's only a "minor" one, so you can get only a half-day off.

Horse riders

There is a huge parade, in which the 39 guilds from Zurich take part. They dress up in continue.


Two weeks ago was the Kn­aben­schiessen, a Zurich holiday that lasts for three days and when you get half a day off from work. The main attraction is a shooting com­pe­ti­tion for teenagers (I'm so old :( ), but there is also a big fair, which was very similar to the one that is in Marghita during City Days. Except it is bigger, it has more rides (and taller ones too ;;) ) and it is far cleaner.

That was very different than what I was used to. There were the same hotdog, hamburger and other junk food stands as in Romania, but you couldn't see any pieces continue.

Ultima vacanță de vară

Tocmai mi-am terminat probabil ultima vacanță mai lungă - de 2 luni :(( Și a fost altfel față de cum mă așteptam.

Pornisem cu planuri mari: o să profit de timpul liber și o să fac o pauză (sau măcar o să o las mai moale) de la programat, și calculator în general; o să citesc mai multe cărți (deși părinții mei sunt tehnoredac­tor, respectiv tra­ducă­toare la editura Lampadarul de Aur, am citit un număr im­pre­sio­n­ant de mic de cărți publicate de ei); o să îmi continui studiile de greacă nou-tes­ta­men­tală. Și o să încep noul an îm­prospă­tat și înviorat atât fizic, cât și spiritual.

Mno, în prima zi după continue.