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The Rise of Skywalker

Rise of Skywalker poster

The grand finale for the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies is here. Or not so grand, because I went to see it in Oradea on the second day after it was released, and the cinema had at least a third of the seats empty.

I didn’t enjoy TLJ [LINK] and I didn’t enjoy this one either, but for different reasons. The first one is the iconic scroller and the next five minutes: in the scroller we are told Pal­patine’s back (sorry, but this was known before the movie came out) and then Kylo Ren goes to meet him. Palpatine gives Kylo a mission in exchange for a continue.

The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi

A new Star Wars movie just came out and another Christmas is around so this year's Christmas party at Google was the screening of The Last Jedi, one day before the public launch.

While I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, I was pretty dis­ap­point­ed in The Last Jedi. It was a really long movie (2 and a half hours). Seriously, what's up with movies lately? I thought people started having super short attention spans due to Twitter, yet almost every movie I watched in the cinema this year was longer than two hours. The new director takes the movie into some new directions. He reveals that several mysterious plot continue.


Silence poster

Silence is a movie by Martin Scorsese about two Catholic priests, Rodriguez and Garupe, who go to Japan in the 17th century to find their mentor, Father Ferreira, who is rumoured to have lost the faith.

It's a really good movie, even though it's extremely brutal. It makes you think about some really hard questions, such as where is God among suffering and when He is (or seems) silent, despite all your prayers.

It's based on a book by Endo Shusaku. I read the book when I was 12 or 13. I found it too long and boring, but I forced myself to finish it. I continue.


The Rock

The Rock

This year started off well, with another trip to the USA, on a business trip to Mountain View. One of the things that I missed last time I was in San Francisco was Alcatraz. When I arrived there I realized that you need to buy tickets several weeks in advance, so it was too late by that time. So, this time, after I bought the plane tickets to San Francisco, I bought my ticket to Alcatraz :)))

One of my favourite movies when I was a kid was "The Rock", with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, which takes place in Alcatraz. Ever since then I wanted continue.

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens

The Christmas party organized by Google in Zurich this year was... drumroll a private Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening. They rented out half of Arena Cinemas for half a day and they invited all Zooglers to watch the movie.

Normally I don't go to see movies in the first couple of weeks after they are released, because the cinemas are too crowded, but I couldn't miss such an occasion: a new Star Wars movie!!!!

In general, I enjoyed the movie. I left the cinema like, yeah, this was a good "reboot" of the series and I'm curious how this will continue. Of course, there were some bad continue.



După mult timp, am ajuns să văd și eu Gravity. Deși am văzut trailerul cu secvența de la început când îi lovește prima oară norul de rămășițe, la cinema tot a fost superb și mi s-a ridicat părul de pe mână.

Filmul este unul extrem de realist (tot are bube, dar față de Thor sau Fast and Furious îi documentar) despre o misiune de adăugare/reparare a tele­scop­u­lui Hubble, care eșuează destul de urât și doi astronauți se cam pierd în spațiu și naveta lor spațială este distrusă.

Cu ocazia acestui film am aflat câteva chestii despre ce se află în spațiu, despre stația spațială chinezească,Tiangong, naveta spațială chinezească, Shenzou, și continue.

The Social Network

Putini oameni ajung sa aiba un film facut despre ei la varsta de 26 de ani. Then again, putini oameni fac un website care sa fie mai vizitatdecat pagina principala Google. Si putini oameni ajung sa fie mul­ti­m­il­iar­dari la aceasi varsta. Si putini oameni ajung sa fie numiti "Person of the Year" de  Times Magazine. (si putine persoane au un patent despre Waste disposal during pit mining. whaaa'?)

Filmul, in regia lui David Fincher si scris de catre Aaron Sorkin, rupe. In general nu ma uit la drame, nu ma uit la drame de mai multe ori, dar la acesta m-as uita oricand inca o data. Sau inca de 2-3 ori :D. Are un tempo intens, tot continue.


Inception poster

In sfarsit am apucat sa ma uit si eu la Inception, dupa mai mult de 4 luni de cand a aparut.  Cu chiu cu vai am reusit sa evit spoilerele majore pana acuma, nu m-am uitat la zeci de videouri care parodiau Inception si am sarit peste zeci de articole care explicau filmul. Am citit doar cateva reviewuri spoiler free si am vorbit cu cativa prieteni despre el, dar cu un strict "no spoiler policy". Singura chestie pe care am aflat-o o fost faza cu titirezul, ce inseamna el. Not such a big deal.

Din ce am citit de pe net si ce am auzit de la prieteni, continue.