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New York Again

Times Square

Times Square at night

After Mountain View, I went to Memphis to visit some dear friends from a fellowship there. Because of this, I spent most of my time meeting with lots of people, so I didn't really get to see too many places, so no post about Memphis. One remark though: Memphis pork ribs are amazing. AAAA-maaaazing. I knew that from last time I was there, and it was just confirmed (and topped actually by the dry rub recipe) this time.

After that, I went to New York, for the second part of my bussiness trip. This time I stayed in Manhattan and I got to experience continue.

The Big Apple

Statue of Liberty

Mandatory Statue of Liberty picture

The Big Apple. New York. The greatest city in the world, as every tour guide in the city will tell you every 5 minutes.

I went for a business trip to the USA, to Mountain View, California, but before that I took two weeks of vacation: one in New York and one in Richmond (before I get any more questions as to why on Earth would I go there, it was for a Christian Conference).

I was very curious to see New York for myself. I had heard so many things about it: some people absolutely love it, others complain about the insane continue.


Rubicon e un serial nou, aparut in vara, despre o con­spir­atie. And that's about it. I don't know any more. Dupa 10 episoade inca nu stiu mai multe despre ce se intampla in serial.

In serial este vorba despre angajatii unui think-tank numit American Policy Institue (API). Aceasta institutie se ocupa cu pre­lu­crat­ul in­for­mati­ilor brute, in special cele legate de teroristi, si furnizeaza informatii folosibile, cum ar fi locatia unui terorist, ce urmeaza sa faca, etc.

Echipa de la API

In primul episod ne este prezentata una din echipele care lucreaza acolo. Unul din membrii ei, Will Travers, descopera in mai multe ziare in­ter­na­tionale ca au aceleasi raspunsuri la rebusurile din ziua continue.