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Winter sports

From up close, it looks just like the wallpaper from one of the Mac OS

I've been in Switzer­land for almost two and half years now, but I haven't done the typical Swiss things (except eating Fondue). Last winter I was either not here or busy at work, so I avoided all winter sports.

But this year two op­por­tu­ni­ties came up when I could go with colleagues to do skiing or snow­board­ing. So I finally tried both. I had a little skiing experience from two years ago, but that was it.

One Friday at 8 PM a colleague asked me if I wanted to go to Laax for skiing the next day. I didn't really have any plans, so I continue.


Napping in the sun at Schatzalp

Napping in the sun at Schatzalp

Last week I went skiing for the first time in my life. I said that I can't live in Switzer­land and not go skiing at least once. So I talked with some friends from the church I go to here and we booked rooms at a hotel in Davos.

Because I had never skied before, I booked a 3 day group lesson. God knew that that was a bad idea for me, because I have two left feet and an abysmal fitness level, and the group lessons got cancelled because nobody else joined them. So I took two afternoons of private continue.