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Repairing Linux and Windows boot partitions

My Windows in­stal­la­tion was on a 120 GB SSD and I decided it was time to upgrade that to 256 GB. Because I didn't want to reinstall my Windows, I copied it with CloneZilla. Everything seemed to work fine, until I formatted the old partition. Then the Windows partition stopped booting. I could access the files from ArchLinux. I tried to run some commands from the Windows Recovery Console, but I held it wrong and the result was that my Archlinux stopped booting too! Yaaay.

After lots of digging on various tutorials, I managed to put together the following to fix it. First, download a Live continue.

Automating using Python

A friend of mine who has a restaurant kept asking me to update the menu on his site. Each week he would send me the new menu, in .doc format, I would upload it to Google Drive (I don't have Office on my computer), I would take 3 screen­shots (one for each page), rename them and upload them using FTP to his server.

But, being a programmer, possibly the only profession in the world where laziness is a quality, not a defect, I decided to automate this as much as possible (teaching him how to write the tables in HTML and uploading files to FTP was too hard).

At continue.

State of IM on Windows

Cum mi-am reinstalat Windowsul recent, am decis să îmi văd dacă există al­ter­na­tive mai bune pentru unele programe pe care le folosesc. În primul rând mi-am au­tom­a­ti­zat procesul de instalare a pro­gramelor. Și, după câteva zile în care nu am avut niciun client de IM pe calculator, am decis să văd cum au mai evoluat lucrurile în ultimul an.

tl;dr: Nicicum. Tot Trillian o să îl folosesc.

Am câteva cerințe pe care un program de IM trebuie să le în­deplin­ească ca să îl folosesc. În primul rând trebuie să fie multi-protocol (cel puțin Y!M, GTalk și Facebook). Așa că din start pică toate chestiile gen Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, etc. În continue.

Laptop refreshing

It's that magical time of the year when the stars align, you realize you have too much garbage on your computer and you need to reinstall it, and you actually have the time to do it.

Or you think you have the time to do it. Because something that should take 30 minutes, turns into a whole afternoon of fun \:D/

First, I wanted to reinstall my Linux, a poor old Ubuntu that has been much abused, and replace it with Elementary OS. That was quickly foiled as it wouldn't boot of my USB drive. "No operating system found". Eventually I figured out the problem was with UNetBootin continue.

Redirecting Python output from the command line

Today I needed to write a quick script that does some operations on colors. Because I'm trying to learn Vim and I'm trying to master the command line (not the standard Windows one, but Console2 + PyCmd), of course I wrote it with command-line usage in mind. The script starts taking shape, so let's use it. Well, it prints out the desired output. What next? Let's redirect its output to the clipboard. A quick Google search revealed the clip utility, which copies to the clipboard its stdin. middle #000 #FFF | clip

Some­thing's wrong - pasting won't work. The output shows up ok in the console, but it won't redirect continue.

Windows Visual Styles

Azi am vrut sa imi schimb Visual Styleul la Windows 7 si dupa multe cautari pe DeviantArt am gasit cateva care themeuri care imi placeau. M-am hotarat sa incep cu Appows2010 de neiio. Dupa jumate de ora de incercari de a schimba 4 fisiere din system32 fara succes, trec pe Linux si le schimb acolo. Dupa restart totul e ok, dar themeul ales de mine e prea inchisa la culoare si are contrast prea slab, abia vedeam butoanele pentru inchis si scroll­barul (am inceput cu varianta Peek) asa ca incep sa schimb fisierele pentru Lite. Linux, copy, restart, dar un anumit fisier am uitat sa copiez, dar imi dau seama ca continue.